salam, and may Allah bless you all.

After receiving a call, i can’t barely close my eyes.

Lately it become a habit.

Normally it all due to thinking ways to help others.

Just wondering is it a good habit or a bad one.

Is it a proof that i’m always thinking beyond my reach or beyond my circle of influence.

Or is it a sign that i’m reaching to a certain stage of ‘humum’ that i’m really concern about others.

Well, they isn’t a better suggestion to the problem beside what is written by Allah SWT and the sign from the Prophet PBUH

Well, the person which love his ummah the most remind us that though he is the prophet he still get to sleep, be with his wife, drink and eat like normal people.

Maybe, it’s time to be normal ahain, and sleep like others.

And being normal is a sign that we are concerning about others because Islam leads the way to normality.

Think Islam, think normal !

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