deception of feeling

Feeling something hard does’nt prove it’s hard but maybe you’re weak after all.

Feeling something important does’nt prove it’s important but maybe you’re shortsighted after all.

This kind of feeling normally won’t fool those who stick to reason and control their feelings well.

But they are likely to be lack of passion in their work and enthusiasm.

So, feeling is important.

But worst when it was used as a source of perception and view.

Quikcker than a heartbeat it’ll fool you from the start and remain be fooled till the finishline if one prefer an arrogant heart than a humble one.

I’ve seen how this feeling motivate a person to explode and cried without any solid reason.

Though some of them live in a critical culture of the science mainstream, still ain’t enough to reconcile them with logic and understanding the right of other person. Like the right to personal thought and desicion.

Most person who didn’t affected from this way of thinking clearly sees the right and wrong, and the best from the better but those who are blinded by their feeling will choose from the start their view and perception, like a baby crying in a crowded place will remain crying until he sees his parent.

Are you a crybaby or an adult? It’s your choice to make.

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