thinking about Ayah

Alhamdulillah, only 2 paper to go.

Recently, I change my handphone wallpaper, from Khayrat ‘eating’ his hand, to a picture of Mak and Ayah at genting just before I flew to egypt.

I didn’t know why lately my heart beating fiercely when flashes of Mak, Mama , Ayah and Abah strike my thought.

Especially when it comes to think about Ayah.

Though our conversation always been short, there’s always been things that arouse my love to him.

Like when I saw a picture of my dad in our family anniversary at A famosa last march . What strike me is, watchin him wearing my favourite polo t-shirt, it was a very special one, because I remember being a little bit annoying to him at fighting the right to have that shirt, well I’m a little bit mischievous back then.

And like every great dad, their son is much more important than theirself.

And lately when filling my exam forms, I sense my writing a little bit ackward.

A warm wave of a father’s bond flow in when I realize how my writing reflect Ayah’s writing, from the trademark of the leaning of every letters, my eyes about to ………… (just guess what will happen  🙂 .)

And all of this started to get this big when we depart from each other.

One of my biggest regret when I flew was, I didn’t really apreciate what Ayah have done to me all this time to the fullest.

Alhamdulillah, Allah still give me the chance to redeem my mistakes, and Dad, I hope the chances are there to prove my love and respect to you, as your great son that is.

May Allah bless the greatest father I ever met in my life, thanks Ayah for everything.


One comment on “thinking about Ayah

  1. anonymous berkata:

    sebak baca..rabbana yuqawwik

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