thanx Zain & Raihan


Alhamdulillah finished the first round reading, preparing for a notework mode right now.

Dificcults time really makes our life a little bit more colourful than we use to live.

When at preschool it’s been dificults to learn rights and wrong,, though anyone would suvive that by simply stick to their mother’s thoughts.

To cut the mumblings, life right now isn’t like playing LIFE , pick a career, then pick a wife and then throw a dice and walla!! you got 3 children! .

But it’s rather about getting job’s done, and fulfill the needs of others around you, and to be honest the others are getting a lot bigger than expected. Well that’s life.

And Allah didn’t make everything according to our plan, it always stick with His. It’s a truth that will never change till the end.

Alhamdulillah, for that Truth we will always remember that we are his serveant and will continue to serve him in time of happiness and sadness without leaving Him behind.

Many things always reminds us about this beutiful truth, and one thing that i like the most (after Quran and Hadis) is devoted nasyeed to Allah especially one that comes from Zain Bikha and Raihan.

Here are some to share with you, may it remionds us of this wonderful status of being a serveant to Him.

May Allah bless them for their work.


One comment on “thanx Zain & Raihan

  1. abu berkata:

    ustad, saya tabik ustad..kadang2 rase english ustad lagi power dari sy..

    boleh jadi minister of religion kt ireland or uk ustad hasrizal..


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