what best friends 4 hah ??

What’s best friend 4 hah?

Well, this is my first article in english , ermmm, maybe because my best friend like english very much that he always write down many,many and many quotes that he found, he even bought a book that have hundreds of quotes at a Salvation (christian) bookstore. Well not much to tell about him, but just a little piece of great things I got from him.

Friends are mirror? Right or wrong, It’s up to you, well, he really are a great mirror to me, (a big one and a skinny one he he) Well he always tell me when a pimple pop out from my skin, he he. Well to be honest, most of my mistakes I always thought that it is the best thing I’ve done, with him I realize how dumb I am, that all the time I had I always sit in the same box that I made for myself full of my justifications and perception of all the things around me. Then you came and reach me in the deep darkness of my world in to the great world, of the real world. Thanks to to you I can think clearly and become a man.

Life, in fact really are though. Depends on what is your life for? Well if you want to carry are huge Risala and you said and believe the point of existence is to give all your life for the sake of the world, wooowwww you are talking about something big, I mean very,very,very big !!! Just look at the world you’re living on capitalisme, nepotisme, racism, communisme, atheisme and a lot more isme ,isme and isme RULES !!!! Well, talk about breaking the american and jewish monopoly and talk about saving palestine and a lot more to talk, but when it comes to action, pergh look around people talks and talks, and we try to act and cant do it , serious cant do it without you friend,especially best friends. The power of ukhwwah rules !!! See, Ar Rasul hijra with Abu Bakar, even the best man ever lives needs best friends .

Well, last week when I was at the edge of disastrous week when flies fly out from my pocket, and my heart tremble and fall into a very dark container of ‘almost poverty’ , when crystal drops from my eyes and you were there lending your soft hand though I know that we are equal in this problem but maybe this is what they call in the koran :

ولو كان بهم خصاصة ….

though they are in poverty… alhasyr 9”

A little article can’t tell all the story I have with my best friend, and can’t tell all the things I got from your’all and for sure can’t pay all the good things I got from you, because it always about doing things, not talking about them, but I hope it can be a little gratitude and a special gift to all my friends best friends especially ikhwah out there.

Especially to Syamil which today is his 21st birthday, well happy birth day may our friendship will be last forever like the arasy, and may the day that past be our best remedy for the day that comes.

Thanks to all who live in my heart.Not forget Muawidz which his birthday is two weeks in the past. He’s also my longest classmate ever 5 year in a row 2 year in Syariah and 3 years to go together!!!

And to Qamarul who always beside me though you sit 91 km far away from me in cairo but still you’re so close to my heart.

And to all ikhwah who live in my heart, hope we’ll be together and may this words fill our heart for eternity….

6 comments on “what best friends 4 hah ??

  1. HB berkata:

    congratulations on your first attempt writing an article in english, maybe after this can try to write in arabic then.

    a good friend is the purest of all God’s gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange of payment. -FF-

  2. suhailsufian berkata:

    thanx for he gratitude,
    well it’s been a while since high school that i wrote in english,

    Insya’allah i take that as a challenge !!

  3. mieha14 berkata:

    weyh… yg tuh syamil al-amin kl kan…haha same jek muke dier cam dulu… bajet sehati sejiwe la niyh pki bj belang2 sme2… nway conratz sbb berusehe tok post article in english…. weyh rasenye kat atas tuh ader yg salah eja….hua2… ngeh3… jgn mara~

  4. thaaqhib berkata:

    susahkan.. nak cerita pasal ukhuwwah?


  5. syamil berkata:

    salam. oh syukran. i’ve never thout it this would be so far like diz one. but you’re wat you think i am. thx.
    feelings have one simple art, you feel something to someone, he/she would think like dat to you.

    salam ukhuwwah fillah.

  6. khai berkata:

    sorang dah nak pencen dr membujang…
    sapa lah agak nya…

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